The Society is proud to have published the American Cusanus Society Newsletter for three decades. Containing articles, notices and bibliographies of recent works, the ACSN has grown to become an important resource in international Cusanus studies.

Members of the American Cusanus Society receive the biannual ACSN in digital form free of charge and have full access to back issues dating to the first volume in 1983. Institutions and individuals who wish to be mailed a paper copy can do so for a small fee.

Over many years, the founding President of the Society, Morimichi Watanabe, contributed a series of invaluable articles in the ACSN on the people, places and events of Cusanus’s life. These were recently revised into book form: Morimichi Watanabe, Nicholas of Cusa: A Companion to His Life and Times, eds. Gerald Christianson and Thomas M. Izbicki (Ashgate, 2011).