The Tegernsee Debate on Love and Knowledge: Letters and Treatises on Mystical Theology from the 1450s

Edited and translated by David Albertson and K. Meredith Ziebart
Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations (Peeters). Planned for 2017.

David Albertson (University of Southern California) and K. Meredith Ziebart (Loyola University Maryland) are collaborating on a study of the Tegernsee Debate. The volume will be comprised of facing-page Latin-English translations of the letters and treatises that circulated among Bernard of Waging, Vincent of Aggsbach, Johann Schlitpacher, Marquard Sprenger, Conrad Geisenfeld, and Nicholas of Cusa between 1451 and 1464 on the nature of mystical theology.

The texts that comprise the dramatic and illuminating Tegernsee Debate have to date remained unaccessible to all but a few scholars. As things stand, the full picture of the Tegernsee Debate must be pieced together from various sources, and crucial parts of the puzzle are out of reach even for many scholars working in the field. The Tegernsee Debate on Love and Knowledge will not only render the texts into English for the first time, but also organize the fragments into a coherent whole that will be as valuable to advanced scholars as it will be to undergraduate students.

Companion to the Council of Basel

Edited by Michiel Decaluwé, Gerald Christanson and Thomas M. Izbicki
(Brill) Contributions being received and edited.

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
  • Historical Survey

Part 1. Sources

  • Manuscripts and a Note on Print Publication of the Acta
  • Historians and the Changing Image of the Council

Part 2. The Conflict between Council and Papacy

  • Conciliarism at Basel
  • Papal Politics and the Council
  • Revival of Papalism

Part 3. Issues at Basel

  • Conciliar Bureaucracy
  • Conciliar Liturgy
  • Lawyers and Legal Proceedings in the Council
  • Theologians at the Council
  • Hussites among the Fathers
  • Conciliar Reform
  • Negotiations with the Greeks

Part 4. Lay Powers and the Basel Schism

  • Amadeus VIII/Felix V
  • France and the Council
  • The Empire, the Diets and the Council

Part 5. Legacy

  • The Legacy of the Council