July 21, 2014

Dear Colleagues,  

We invite you to celebrate the Fourteenth Gettysburg Conference on October 10-12, sponsored by the American Cusanus Society and the International Seminar on Pre-Reformation Theology of Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.  

Plenaries, papers, and working sessions will explore the heritage of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) from his last years in Rome until 1700. In addition to papers on figures like Luther and Bruno, our working sessions will focus on works by an interesting and diverse group of scholars and critics: Lefevre d’Etaples, Johannes Kymeus, Flacius Illyricus, and Lorenzo Valla, as well as the seventeenth-century English translation of Cusanus’s De visione Dei. Our hope is that we will make a contribution to our understanding of the Renaissance and Reformation.

Our conference committee (Tamara Albertini, Knut Alfsvåg, and Il Kim) has included time to remember departed colleagues, and to dedicate two important additions to the Seminary library: the Cusanus collection of the late Morimichi Watanabe, and a remarkable rubbing of Cusanus’ brass memorial at St. Nicholas Hospital in Kues (see image below). And as usual we’ll allow plenty of time for social hours, relaxation, tours, inter-faith and ecumenical services and our convivial banquet—all in the midst of colorful, historic Gettysburg.


Donald Duclow and Thomas M. Izbicki

Program Co-Chairs